Thursday, February 25, 2016

3-Ingredient CCC Dough Ice-Cream

What does CCC stand for??? Chocolate Chip Cookie of course! Since the Just Mayo company came out with Just Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, this was my chance to eat it raw and make my 3-Ingredient CCC Dessert.  It's very simple. There's a little prep work but nothing that can't be done in a few minutes. 

3-Ingredient CCC Dough Ice-Cream

1 large banana 
1/4 c. of soy milk/creamer or another non-dairy milk
4 TBSP.  Just Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough divided

-Line a plate or little baking sheet with wax paper. Take 2 TBSP. of the cookie dough and  make marble size balls.  Lay on prepared pan and put in freezer for at least 1 hr.

-Peel, slice and freeze the banana.

-In a high speed blender, add the remaining 2 TBSP. of cookie dough, non-dairy milk and the frozen banana. 

-Run until all blended.

-Remove from blender and put into your serving bowl. If it's a little runny, you can add more frozen banana slices or just put in freezer for approx. 15 minutes or until thick.

-Stir in the remaining frozen cookie dough balls. 


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