Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bee Free Honee

Some time ago I seen a plant based/vegan post about a product called Bee Free Honee. Honee, not made from bees. It really caught my interest because before I switched my lifestyle, I LOVED HONEY! I use to make dressings, top it on ice-cream and on breads, in recipes, eat it raw, etc. Check this out..Here are the ingredients: Organic apple juice concentrate, water, non-GMO/vegan cane sugar and lemon juice. It's all natural, plant based, vegan, and safe for children. Awesome part is that it's made in the USA! I highly recommend it! I purchased the original flavor but they have others: Ancho Chilie, Mint, Chocolate & Slippery Elm. What will be your first flavor to purchase?

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